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Sources & Formulas

Below are the information sources and formulas for Flippening Watch.

Information sources:

Prices, market caps (Circulating Supply), and trading volume: CoinMarketCap

Bitcoin daily transactions: Blockchain.info

Ethereum daily transactions: BitInfoCharts

Bitcoin nodes: BitNodes

Ethereum nodes: EtherNodes

Google Trends: Google Trends

Ethereum block time: EtherChain


BTC MS [Market Share] = Bitcoin market cap / Total cryptocurrency market cap

ETH MS [Market Share] = Ethereum market cap / Total cryptocurrency market cap

ETH/BTC = Ethereum market cap / Bitcoin market cap

Bitcoin mining reward (24h) = 1800 * [Bitcoin price]

Ethereum mining reward (24h) = (86400 / [Ethereum block time]) * 3 * [Ethereum price]

Market share (for individual cryptocurrencies in second table) = [Individual cryptocurrency market cap] / [Total cryptocurrency market cap]


Icons made by Vectors Market from flaticon.com are licensed by CC BY 3.0

Icons made by Cole Bemis from iconfinder.com are licensed by CC 3.0 BY